Our Team

Collectively, we are more than a masonry company, we understand the special needs and architectural details required for each project. We are an experienced team which offers comprehensive solutions.
Rob Santin, President: 30 years of experience as a stone mason, bricklayer, and responsible for providing stone and anchor shop drawings. Since acquiring the company February 1st, 2000 Rob has been involved from start to finish with all projects undertaken by A. Santin Mason Contractor Ltd. Rob was President of the Ontario Masonry Contractors Association for 2011 and is active provincially, as well as nationally, keeping abreast of the masonry industry’s changing needs and products.
Mark Nelligan, Chief estimator: 35 years of experience, Mark is the Quality Management Representative and oversees the ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance program with respect to workmanship and specified products.
Matt Morey, CET, Project Manager: Matt brings plenty of experience to the company and started working with us in 2013.
Krista Welsh, Office Manager: Krista ensures that the day to day operations of the company run smoothly since she joined in 2013.